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Our four core products have been designed to fill a particular need in the marketplace. They share a common ‘chassis’, all using the core basic principle of a fold-flat shelter, with each variant modified to reflect needs that have been identified by our customers and partners.

While we can produce shelters to meet your specific needs, our standard shelters:

• can house a family of up to five in disaster struck areas, until permanent housing can be rebuilt.

• are flat packed,highly portable and can be erected in just two hours. No skills or special tools are needed to put the shelters up and no foundations are required.

• are built from marine ply and designed to last for up to 15 years. Repairs can easily be made using locally sourced materials.

• can be deployed in smaller hubs offering support and a sense of ownership and creating an empowered, sustainable environment.

• are modular to enable creation of larger buildings such as child-friendly spaces, women’s centres or clinics.

The Hush2 is also engineered and modelled to resist force five hurricanes – that’s winds of up to 200mph – by quickly hinging down into a storm safe position.

  • HuSh1

    Our core product, the Hush1 is designed for rapid deployment and erection. With it we can help rebuild communities in days instead of months.

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  • HuSh2

    A unique development, the Hush2 is currently the only shelter in the world that can fold down to resist hurricane force winds – in just a few minutes and with no tools required.

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  • PuSh

    Designed for workers away from home, the Push shelter is our commercial version of the Hush shelter, helping us to raise more funds for further product development.

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  • HuSh Lite

    HuSh Lite is designed for communities isolated by local terrain. HuSh Lite provides the structural integrity and security of the HuSh range with the added advantage of reduced weight. Erected in just 30 minutes, HuSh Lite quickly provides a safe and secure environment..

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Investor Relations

We have successfully completed three rounds of funding, raising £350,000 of angel investment and £280,000 of crowd funding investment to bring our business to the cusp of commercial deployment. If you would like to get involved, there is still a chance to invest directly with the company: simply email us at info@extremistechnology.com and we will tell you more.

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