Shelter technologies

Extremis continues to develop solutions to shelter problems on two fronts:

  1. conducting its own R&D into making their shelters lighter, more flexible and more durable. This includes working with our own manufacturing partners to find better ways to produce the shelters, ways of changing dimensions and key performance criteria. It also includes continuously evaluating appropriate materials in the marketplace and working with our suppliers to find ways to effectively integrate those products into the shelters. In recent months we have been working with: Altro, Velcro and Super SIPS.
  2. it also looks for partners with complementary technologies to further improve the quality of life for those living in a Hush™ shelter. Some of these products – like GravityLight™ – are already in development, others – like Big Solar’s™ innovative PV solution – show great promise and Extremis works actively with the company to optimise their product for disaster relief or international development purposes.

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