Our portable fold flat humanitarian shelter

The Hush1 is a portable fold-flat transitional shelter for use in disaster relief areas not prone to hurricane force winds.

It’s designed to allow four to six to fit within a standard 40 foot container, which can then be carried by a 7.5 tonne flat-bed truck and deployed using unskilled labour without the need for any tools or additional parts.

Most importantly, each shelter can be erected in just 30-60 minutes, allowing an entire community to benefit from shelter in the time it might take to build just one home using more traditional methods.

The shelter can be mounted onto seismic isolators to provide some protection in earthquake zones, supported by simple foundation systems or, in the right conditions, with no foundations at all. In addition, the cladding material can be adapted to suit local climatic or cultural requirements, and there are opportunities to add further technologies for water capture or energy generation.