Engineered to withstand hurricane force winds

The Hush2 is a more robust version of the Hush1 that has been engineered and modelled to withstand category 5 hurricane force winds – a unique benefit that is not offered by any other transitional shelter on the marketplace.

Designed with a clever set of hinges that are built into the walls of the shelter, in the event of a hurricane warning the entire building can be folded down into a prism – a shape that is intrinsically more stable than a box.

There is no requirement for separate or additional components and no tools or skills are needed for deployment.

A prototype of the Hush2 shelter has been built and deployed at the Shelterbox testing site in Cornwall throughout the majority of 2014. This test deployment has enjoyed excellent results, giving us invaluable data to feed into our design engineers.

Find out more about HuSh2 here