Our shelter designed for commercial support

Push is a commercial extension of the Hush1 shelter that has been designed in response to a specific request from one of our partners.

The first iteration of this shelter uses the same fold-flat approach of the Hush shelters, extending to incorporate further panels electricity, water, waste management, a toilet, shower, bed and work table. These elements have all been designed to allow shipping in one container, along with the core shelter.

Push shelters deliver a comfortable environment for workers away from home in remote locations, far away from alternative accommodation. When the work in one location is completed, the Push shelter can be disassembled, folded flat and moved to the next location.

Materials used can also be modified to reflect climatic conditions, and additional insulation, double glazing, heaters or coolers, and the like can be added. Energy can be gathered by fitted PV panels, wind turbines or diesel generators, all making our Push shelters supremely flexible to customer needs.