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Extremis Technology announces new manufacturing licencee.

  • Posted by Mark Aspinall
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Extremis Technology Ltd announced today that it has a signed a manufacturing licencee agreement with Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan for its innovative fold-flat portable shelters.

The agreement was announced by the company following a business trip to Islamabad which included a series of sales demonstrations in Pakistan to potential customers, including: UNHCR Pakistan, the Aga Khan Development Network and the Pakistan Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA).

Speaking after the trip Brian Smith, Executive Chairman, Extremis Technology said “As we continue to develop our network of licencees in the Asian markets we are extremely proud to be exporting technology developed in the United Kingdom by our small team of designers and engineers.”

Commenting on the announcement, Julia Glenn, CEO, Extremis Technology said “We are delighted to be partnering with Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd. As an established construction company Gold Roof is well positioned to manufacture and supply the complete range of HuSh™ shelters throughout Pakistan. We really enjoyed our time in Pakistan and as a British engineering company, we were welcomed with open arms. Following the drama of Brexit it feels really good to take a positive step and develop new trading relationships outside Europe.